Contacts and Information Resources

Alamo Forest Partnership
c/o Mark C. Bird
Planning and Development Services Bldg.
1901 S. Alamo
San Antonio, TX 78204

Questions about the organization in general?
Email Mark Bird

Questions regarding air quality?
Email Annette Prosterman

Questions on composting?
Email Stacy Geiger

Questions for conserving energy through tree shading tips?
Email Mark Kroeze

Questions about stormwater?
Email Stacy Geiger

Questions on the Tree Preservation or Landscape ordinances?
Email Mark Bird

Questions about tree planting?
Email Stacy Geiger

Questions regarding tree selection, planting, care, and urban forestry?
Email Mark Kroeze or Mark Peterson

Questions, comments, or suggestions for the website?
Email Tom Brotherman

Alamo Forest Partnership | c/o Mark Bird | Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center | 1901 S Alamo St | San Antonio TX 78204 | (210) 207-0278